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High temperature chain oil


Product description:SKALN-Term high temperature chain oil 600 is designed for fully automatic and semi-automatic chain oil. For example, it’s used for lub


High temperature chain oil

High temperature chain oil

Product description:

SKALN-Term high temperature chain oil 600 is designed for fully automatic and semi-automatic chain oil. For example, its used for lubricating for the instillation, spray and atomizing system, especially under the work condition of continues duty and it must remain the chemical stability. We particularly recommend to lubricate the sliding rail, trundle chain link, camshaft and high temperature low speed bearings. It can remain good film of chain under the work condition with high temperature. In the impact of load at high temperature, it contains preservative and antioxidant to put out the water in the gap of chain. This product can remove the rubber compound that is formed by the primary lubricant, such as varnish and sediment. Because of perfect performance, it can prevent from deformation and drippage.


Product advantage:

1.Perfect thermostability. Its not easy to form carbon deposition and coking. Less oily mist, it will not form harmful gas.

2.Very low the lost of evaporation loss. It can reduce the oil consumption.

3.Perfect cleaning property can deal with difficult problems and reduce downtime. Its good for the heavily polluted chain.

4.Good lubricant under the high temperature and heavy load  working condition.

5.The clean fluidic lubricant can reduce the consumption obviously.

6.Good super lubricant additives, inoxidizability, antiwear property and high temperature corrosion resistance can give better protection to equipment and extend the service life. It also can reduce the maintenance charge.

7.High viscosity, good viscosity-temperature characteristics. It can form a good film under the high temperature.

8.non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting. Its harmlessl for people.

9.It doesnt contain harmful heavy metal. Its environmental and safe.


Product application:

1.Its especially suitable for spraying in high temperature condition. It can be used as chain oil for powder spraying equipment.

2.It can be used as chain oil for printing press, such as Roland and Heidelberg.

3.We recommend that high temperature chain oil, such as BRUCKNER, BABCOK, KRANTZ, MONFORTS, etc.

4.It can be used for lubricating the chain of processing the glass wool.

5.Some other high temperature working conditions.