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Heat transfer oil


Product description:SKALN industrial heat transfer oil 320, 460:Deep refined and high thermal stability paraffinic base oil. It can be used for the forced circ


Heat transfer oil

Heat transfer oil

 Product description:

SKALN industrial heat transfer oil 320, 460:

Deep refined and high thermal stability paraffinic base oil. It can be used for the forced circulation system of heat transfer system. It suitable for open heat transfer system that the temperature is up to 200.

The deep refind and thermal stability paraffinic base oil is the big advantage. It is made from high quality base oil technology. It is used as both heat transfer oil and heat carrier.


Product performance:

1.Perfect heat transfer performance can make the machine work soomthly and improve the efficiency of changing thermal.

2.Excellent oxidation stability and thermal stability can prevent from foaming the oil drit and sediment to extend the sercvice life.

3.Star quickly, good low-temperature fluidity and work smoothly.

4.The low work pressure, good economic performance, low vapour pressure, less evaporation of high temperature and it can reduce the wrong things happen, such as air resistance and circulating pump cavitation , etc. So, if you use this product, it can ensure that make you have a low system pressure and high work efficiency. The low cost is one of the biggest advantages.


Product application:

It can be used for many heat transfer system that the fuel oil , gas or electricity to heat transfer , heat transfer thermal fluid disease to use point. It suitable for the following heat transfer system of open and closed forced circulation.(the highest average temperature is 288°C, the higest temperature of oil film on heat surface is 316°C, the open heat transfer systems highest temperature that is exposed to air is 107°C ). The heat transfer oil must be used in forced circulation.


Industrial heat transfer oil:

ISO grade                         32                  46

Autoignition temperature,℃       350                 360

Density,kg/L                      0.853               0.862

Flash point,COC,℃                210                 220

Pour point,℃                      -15                 -15

Viscosity   mm2/s@40℃          30.6                43.3

           mm2/s@100℃         5.3                  6.5

Viscosity index                    102                 99

The thermal physical parameters

change with temperature       100℃     200℃    300℃    100℃     200℃    300℃

Density,kg/L                  0.82      0.76     0.69     0.83      0.77     0.70

Dynamic viscosity,mpa·s               4.35               1.05             0.46            5.40               1.20             0.52

Specific heatKJ/kg)               2.15               2.51             2.88            2.12               2.50             2.87

Heat conductivity

coefficient,W/(m)                          0.128             0.120            0.112          0.126            0.119          0.112

Vapour pressure,mmHg           -        3.5       150      -         2.0     100