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Working Liquid For WEDM WRC


Product Description:WRC using a variety of medium-speed, high-speed wire-cutting machine, will not affect its effectiveness. Product Performance: Perfect lubricity. Reduce the loss of lubricating


Working Liquid For WEDM WRC

Working Liquid For WEDM WRC

Product Description:

WRC using a variety of medium-speed, high-speed wire-cutting machine, will not affect its effectiveness. 

Product Performance:

  •  Perfect lubricity. Reduce the loss of lubricating oil. It can improve the life of molybdenum wire.
  • Can greatlyimproves the surfacefinish of workpiece surfaceand processing efficiency. It is disturbing to leave horizontal stripes and other bad bead features.·
  • Large thickness and conical cut artifacts over 300 mm thickness for excellent processing results.
  • Compared with traditional emulsified oil, the cutting efficiency is 10% to 50%.Applicable to a variety of mold release, maintenance and cleaning, easy to use, Strippingeffect. It's easy to drop off and use cloth to scrub when finish. It will make table clean.Suitable dielectric strength and the effect of arc, the stable the current voltage effect.
  • Good adaptability to the workpiece thickness and material.
  • Excellent cooling property.
  • Excellent cleaning and chip removal performance.
  • When compared with traditional cutting soap, it dissolves easily in water. So the Solubleis wonderful.
  • Matching rate, long life,easy to carry and long shelf life.

1. High speed, efficiency. Compared with the traditional emulsified, the oil cutting efficiency increases30%.

2. Good working environment, without grease, clean machine tools, clean the ground, the clothes of operators are clean.

3. The low loss of molybdenumwire. The loss of molybdenumwire can reduce 30%. The low ratio of break the wire and it can improve the service life of molybdenumwire.

4. Environmental protection. It doesn't contain the harmful mineral oil, nitrite. The discharge of effluent meets the national secondary emission standards.

5. Suitable for cutting thickness of0-500mm, when the cutting thickness is 500mm above cutting with pure water preparation will bring better effect.

SKALN WRC The use ratio of wire-cutting processing liquid:

· Diluted with water directly, 1:20-1:30.


· This product has excellent washing performance. After finishing, please use magnet to absorb workpiece, it can prevent from falling and breaking molybdenum wire.

· When the cutting thickness of artifacts is more than300 mm ,we recommend parameters: the pulse width of 60-80, duty ratio and8,cutting current around 2.5A. frequency tracking adjustment from scratch and slow adjustment, until the current meter is stable.

· No mineral oil. It's easy for users to clean it.

SKALN WRC The physical and chemical indicators of wire-cutting processing fluid:

· Appearance is white transparent liquid water.

· the proportion is more than 0.8.

· bouquet: almost odorless.

· PH the 5% of aqueous solution: more than 7.0.

· viscosity (40. CST) : more than 5.

· solubility; Infinite soluble in water.

Product Application:

  • WRC adopts all kinds of middle-speed and fast-speed WEDM and will not affect its effect.
  • It's suitable for the wire cutting cooling processing of all kinds of metal materials.
  • Also apply to grinding machine, lathe machining.