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Aquatek L Cutting Oil


SKALN Aquatek L Cutting Oil Product description:Transparent, light color, low viscositystraight run mineral cutting oil,Particularly suitable for stainless steel,Aluminum and aluminum alloy,Magnesium


Aquatek L Cutting Oil

Aquatek L Cutting Oil

SKALN Aquatek L Cutting Oil Product description:

Transparent, light color, low viscositystraight run mineral cutting oil,Particularly suitable for stainless steel,Aluminum and aluminum alloy,Magnesium and magnesium alloy and other metal cutting and light mechanical processing.

SKALN Aquatek L Cutting Oil Scope of application:

  • Aluminum and aluminum alloy, magnesium and magnesium alloy ofcutting and machining;
  • Particularly applicable to the use of water-based processing fluids will be dangerous magnesium machining;
  • Do not need to use extreme pressure (EP) type of processing fluid high mechanical processing index sensitive to all kinds of black and non-ferrous metal cutting;
  • Honing;
  • Glass cutting;

SKALN Aquatek L Cutting Oil Features:

Excellent machining characteristics:Low viscosity, fast return,Not only can quickly wet the surface of metal parts, but also quickly and effectively penetrate into the cutting area.This product has excellent cooling characteristics, good heat transfer performance, can effectively prevent the tool hardness loss and affect the accuracy of the workpiece processing deformation.Not only that, this product color is light, high transparency, can more clearly see the tool and the workpiece.

Do not leave stains on the workpiece:This product is highly refined base oil does not contain chemical reaction with the metal active additives, so, whether it is processing ferrous metals or non-ferrous metals, the use of this product will not leave stains on the workpiece.

Extended tool life:Highly refined base oil has good lubrication characteristics, to ensure that the cutting tool, knife edge interface lubrication, reducing the tool wear and friction heat generation.

Can be safely used for machining magnesium:This product has excellent cooling characteristics, without the use of water-based metal processing fluid to take away the heat generated during the machining process, because it does not contain water, so this product does not react with magnesium, resulting in very, very dangerous hydrogen.

SKALN Aquatek L Cutting Oil Important performance parameters:

Aquatek Cutting oil


Aquatek L

Flash point, COC, ℃


Viscosity mm2 / s @ 40 ℃


Copper plate corrosion 3 hours -100 ℃


Environment: health and safety

This product is accompanied by a SKALNMaterial Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and a SKALN User Safety Guide. Users should follow the required procedures and comply with applicable laws, regulations and regulations.