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SKALN,quality comes from profession.We are rapt in changing the world by power;We are absorbed in serving the world by quality;And "excellent quality, lubricate the world" is what we pursue.


Company Introduction

  SKALN,quality comes from profession


  We are rapt in changing the world by power;

  We are absorbed in serving the world by quality;

   "Excellent quality, Lubricate the world" is our objective.


  SKALN——lubricating the world.

 Hundred-year brand,professional lubrication.


  SKALN,it's well-known brand for us.You can acquaint lubricating oil with us and you will see every footprint in our growth.

  As the world's top ten oil addictive suppliers,SKALN is committed to the machanical lubricant technology of military and national defense.We are always devoted ourselves to the development of products.

  Enormous manufacturing base and sales network,which is why that SKALN's footprint is all over the world.

  From the beginning of the 1880s,SKALN has across Africa,Asia Pacific and has left footprints.In order to bring much more mature technology and high-end products,we keep going eastwards.After that,SKALN came to China in early 1890s and lead the additive and the products of oil to sell to some companies in China or some countries around China.With the spirit of Self-check and commutative-check our company ensures to provide the best service for our customers.And we improve the quality of product and service and make our business to meet customers' requirement as well as enhance customers' satisfaction.

  On the one hand,there is one of the world's most advanced lubricating oil research center in SKALN.On the other hand,it's an old brand of lubricating oil company approved by ASTMPPC,ilma,SAE,Pti,NLGI,STLE, etc.Meanwhile,as the main supplier of SKALN,Lubrizol and Citroen has their own petroleum products and feedstocks.


  The products are single turn into various.Radiation from a city to many countries is what we always do.SKALN—hundred-year brand,professional lubrication.


  Leading power,recreate a miracle.


  With rapid economic development in China,SKALN steps to Chongqing,Shanghai and grows faster.We provide systematic service that include the research,development and sale of home products such as industrial or automotive lubricants,hydraulic oil, etc.

  As a very powerful member of high-performance lubricating oil field,the products are supervised by the group of SKALN.“Scientific and technological innovation as the guide,strategic innovation as the guarantee,market innovation as the goal and good after-sales service for credibility”has been pursued by our purpose.There are a powerful technical team to research a series of antiwear additive and lubricating oil in SKALN so that we set a sound sales platform and purchasing center in Shanghai, chongqing and other cities.

  French quality make the world recognized.

  Advanced technology,rigid standard,scientific management and modern production make SKALN praised by customers.Providing the market with high-quality and efficient products is what we insist from beginning to end.

  SKALN is always in line with "Consumer first, Good faith paramountcy " as principle,with many home enterprise establish long-term cooperation relation.We use our sincere heart to serve all customers and cooperative partners in oder to enable customers to maximize the benefit.Eventually,all of us achieve fruitful results.


  Not only have we been cooperate with a lot of famous enterprises,but we also seek global cooperation constantly.Our ambition is to build blue print for SKALN from pole to pole.


  Clean energy,sustainable future.


  Why does SKALN develop so rapid in Shanghai and Chongqing?Sure,let me tell you the reason for SKALN is becoming the industry leader stealthily is that "the low-carbon,green,environmental,high-quality products and the first-class logistics services".This is the power of SKALN.

  In future,SKALN will take root in the lubricating.Providing market with clean power and providing society with clean energy are we always insist on and do well.

  Serving the public, leading China!

  We have sufficient reason to believe that SKALN can make you benefited.

  Finally, A warm welcome to customers both home and abroad with the cooperation to create a more bright and beautiful future.